The Office of Special Education at Sherman Central School aims to provide an appropriate educational program in the least restrictive environment for all students found to have a disability.

A range of supports and services are available for students to foster their success. Examples of Special Education support are: Consultant Teacher, Resource Room, Special Class, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Counseling along with program modifications and testing accommodations.

Special Education Staff:

  • Nicole Marino, Director of Special Education
  • Kristy Collver, Teacher of Special Education
  • Kim McCray, Teacher of Special Education and Social Studies
  • Kathy Moller, BOCES Physical Therapist
  • Julie Reyda, Speech/Language/Teacher of Special Education
  • Amy Swanson, Teacher of Special Education
  • Courtney Taylor, CSE Chair and Teacher of Special Education
  • Kris Soderberg, School Psychologist
  • Laura Swanson, Occupational Therapist

For additional information contact:
Courtney Taylor
CSE Chair
(716) 761-6121

Special Education Files & Forms: