The Office of Special Education at Sherman Central School aims to provide an appropriate educational program in the least restrictive environment for all students found to have a disability.

A range of supports and services are available for students to foster their success. Examples of Special Education support are: Consultant Teacher, Resource Room, Special Class, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Counseling along with program modifications and testing accommodations.


Special Bulletin

New York State is holding State Performance Plan Stakeholder Engagement Meetings for students with disabilities. For more information regarding this and to participate in the meetings, please click here. To go directly to the website for more information and to complete the registration form, please click here.


Special Education Staff:

  • Nicole Marino, Director of Special Education
  • Courtney Taylor, CSE Chair and Teacher of Special Education
  • Kristy Collver, Teacher of Special Education
  • Frank Lewczyk, Teacher of Special Education
  • Kim McCray, Teacher of Special Education and Social Studies
  • Jacob Marino, Teacher of Special Education
  • Julie Reyda,  Teacher of Special Education
  • Amy Swanson, Teacher of Special Education
  • Jessica Weise, Teacher of Special Education
  • Kris Soderberg, School Psychologist
  • Laura Swanson, Occupational Therapist
  • Emily Dingfelder, Language and Speech Pathologist
  • Kathy Moller, BOCES Physical Therapist

For additional information contact:
Courtney Taylor
CSE Chair
(716) 761-6121

Special Education Files & Forms: